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31 Responses to Juan’s Wall

  1. Kyler says:
    The best part about building the site is getting to be the first to put my comments up! YESSS! All I gots t'say is that Burrito Bandito makes some awesome burritos! They're so good I haven't even tried the tacos cause I can't leave without eating a burrito!
  2. Juan says:
    Hey Kyler, Thanks for building me a great site!! Hope you enjoyed the project! Juan!
  3. lisa says:
    N i i i ce website, love that “giving back” icon on every page!! I am impressed!! the website is well-furnished and laid out… the “architecture” is excellent, the colors and effects are fun, even tho on this tiny laptop I’m using right now I can’t read the smaller print at the bottom, but … all in all the website is as excellent as your food… fresh, tasty and fast… a pleasure each and every time! X O X O from your First Employee
  4. Mountain Jewels Home says:
    Everyone at Mountain Jewels Ranch loves Burrito Bandito. The food is great and nothing can beat the service.
  5. Alan says:
    I used to live in Redding about 5 years ago. I’m gonna be able to come back for the first time next month, and other than seeing my family all I’m thinking about is getting to Burrito Bandito!!!!! So I’m hoping yall are gonna be open the whole time I’m up there.
  6. Matt says:
    In October I was involved in a car accident that put me in the hospital for about 28 days. As soon as I got out I had to go get some real, filling food. So we went to Burrito Bandito. The food was awesome and helped remind me of how damn good life can taste. Thanks for the quality!!!!
  7. Carlos says:
    Hay Chihuahua! Fantastic-Food-Fast! I’m a travel agent out of Sacramento. I spent my first 21 years growing-up in San Francisco (the renowned Burrito Capital of the World) and I am a self-made burrito eating freak. Every time I take a trip in your neck of the woods, I plan my itinerary around being able to stop in for a meal. Just want to say I love what you doin’ and, When you gonna open-up in Sacramento? Been here for 15 years and Chipotle just isn’t cutting it. Can’t find even a mediocre burrito down here. Could really use “Juan Mean Burrito” closer to home (gas prices are on the rise). Nonetheless, Bandito will always be in my food circle of trust. I’m lovin’ it!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Stevey O'Daniel says:
    I love the burritos here. Kyler dont feel bad i havent tried the tacos either the burritos are jus too good to pass up. do you know if any of the branches are hiring. I would love to have a job at burrrito bandito. i am filing out the application now. what do you think the odds are?
  9. Jeremiah says:
    Great food. Consistent service and quality. Really glad we’ve had one in Red Bluff for a while, hope it never closes.
  10. Craig & Laurie says:
    We love your burritos and prob stop in 2-3 times a week! We spend a ton of time on the road transporting horses and always miss not have a Burrito Bandito close by around meal time!!! Then we can’t wait to get home and get our burrito fix – they are addicting!!! Thanks, Laurie & Craig – C&L Livestock, Cottonwood
  11. I absolutly LOVE your burritos!
  12. Kittie Marie says:
    This place is AMAZING. Im always excited to go here. your vegetarian burritos are FANTASTIC. ive never even tried anything else on the menu, ive always had the same order!
  13. John Jon says:
    TACO TUESDAY!!! Every Tuesday for the rest of my life
  14. Dan & Gayle says:
    Can’t wait for your new store in Chico on the Skyway to open. We use to frequent that location when it was Lorenzo’s. Wish you lots of success!
  15. Dan & Gayle says:
    We are anxiously awaiting the opening of your new restaurant on the Skyway in Chico. Wish you much success!
  16. musca says:
    I am being very patient for the one to open in Chico. I drive by the location every day to work. Watching it progress has been interesting.
  17. Magnificent website. A lot of helpful information here. I’m sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!
  18. BH says:
    When are you opening in Chico?
  19. Tom says:
    When are you opening your restaurant in Chico?
  20. musca says:
    The joint opened in Chico today! I went, I purchased, went home, ate it. I will be a returning customer!!!!!
  21. bob h says:
    Boy, we ate at the Chico location …was it good! …I had a chicken burrito! Thanks, for getting it built!
  22. Fresh ingredients, goo staff, amazing food!
  23. The best place on earth. The only burrito that I will ever eat again, no other one will suffice. Steak x2. Oh Yeah
  24. Paul Alsing says:
    Unlikely you can get a burrito in NorCal anywhere near as good as in San Diego… ;>)
  25. Therese Fay says:
    I moved to the Rocklin/Roseville area a couple of Yeats ago. Could you please think about opening up one of your great burrito places here. We miss you Burrito Bandito!!
  26. Therese Fay says:
    I moved to the Rocklin/Roseville area a couple of Yeats ago. Could you please think about opening up one of your great burrito places here. We miss you Burrito Bandito!!

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