Giving Back

Juan Mean Burrito feels very strongly about his community!

He believes in not only helping and supporting our local community but helping out worldwide. That is why here at Burrito Bandito we actively participate in helping local clubs, charities and schools. Every cent that is taken out of our wishing pond is generously used to help sponsor less fortunate children from around the globe, not to mention all money that is received from our stores recycling efforts. If you have any interest in participating in our charities feel free to look on the board and write a child, or look into your favorite school and see if they sell “script,” where we donate 10{183a4850a1b1bdcde474fae06bcfd13c886a84eec5cdf94e8f4ecacad544ecc5} of every giftcard you buy back to the school!

Care to write a child we help sponsor?

Burrito Bandito gives back to the community by sponsoring children in need
Brighten their day with a quick e-mail that we will print out and send to the child, and when they respond we will post it on the board. Please send mail to

Check out the schools that currently purchase scrip!

Buy a giftcard from them and give them 10{183a4850a1b1bdcde474fae06bcfd13c886a84eec5cdf94e8f4ecacad544ecc5} of your meal on us!

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